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Professional, Driven, Honest, Creative and always in your corner.

When it comes to Show Quality Custom Paint, subtle classic lines or bad-ass custom motorcycle paint jobs, Classic old school styling or in-your-face motifs and eye-catching special effects – we can make it all happen for you.  When you're ready to go to that next level, SPC will help you take your vision beyond ordinary to where "Wow!" becomes the normal reaction. 

​At SPC, we deliver the  "Wow", the "Whoa!" and the "Holy (insert your favorite noun)" everyone loves to hear when they show off their rides -- We make it yours, and yours alone.   ​Frankly, it's a bit of a guilty-pleasure for us to be able to create 'envy' like that.

If you're reading this and you're like most of us, you love your bike/car/truck but you wish it didn't look so much like all of the others coming off of the assembly line.   You may have an awesome machine, but that generic same-as-the-neighbors' look just doesn't feel right.  Everyone involved with SPC understands that - we feel it in our bones and we love turning that around.

​Customizing your ride is the art AND science of engineering a personalized statement that moves you.  It's about making your machine really 'fit' who you are.  We understand this, we listen to you and, above all else, we're driven to exceed expectations. 

From killer custom finishes to clean, practical, streamlined custom design and fabrication, SPC has the skills, creativity, intuition, engineering and industry contacts to help you realize your vision.  

We can work with most budgets.  We will always be up-front with you about estimated costs AND if there are any potential unknowns your project could face (as well as what can be done to mitigate any risks).  We want you to get the most 'bang for your buck', because we love turning people's passions into rolling masterpieces. 

​Perhaps it's just an ego thing, but we DO love seeing those huge smiles on our customers faces.

Sick Puppy Customs

Custom Show Paint, Design and Airbrush Mastery

THE most coddled "dog-like substance" on the planet.

If reincarnation is true, I want to come back as my wife's dog.  Come to think of it, there may already be some striking similarities...

Michael & Trayce Ferguson, Owners